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The Power of Siemens SIMOTICS S-1FT2 High Dynamic SH80 and Forced Ventilation SH80 Servomotors

In the rapidly evolving world of industrial automation, Siemens introduces the SIMOTICS S-1FT2 High Dynamic SH80 and Forced Ventilation SH80 Servomotors, a testament to innovation and engineering excellence. These servomotors are designed to meet the demands of modern industry, offering unparalleled efficiency, precision, and adaptability.

Compact and Dynamic: Key Features

The SIMOTICS S-1FT2 series are compact, synchronous motors characterized by their high-power density, superior protection, and impressive overload capability. They offer options for natural cooling or forced ventilation, catering to a range of industrial applications, from machine tools to robots and handling systems, and packaging to plastics and textile machines. The forced ventilation option significantly boosts continuous performance, ideal for demanding operational environments.

Expanding the 1FK2 Portfolio

An extension of Siemens’ 1FK2 motor lineup, the 1FT2 servomotors refine the offering with more precise speed ratings, additional torque levels, and numerous options. This versatility enables tailored solutions for complex drive technology challenges, including operations in harsh conditions.

Enhanced Performance

With torque capabilities reaching up to 37.5 Nm (naturally cooled) and 50 Nm (forced ventilation), the High Dynamic SH80 motors are engineered for high continuous power and dynamic operation. Innovations such as new brake types further underscore Siemens’ commitment to reliability and functionality.

Integrated Advantages

Paired with the SINAMICS S210 converter, the SIMOTICS S 1FT2 motors excel in:

  • Rapid adjustments and precise positioning, enhancing productivity.
  • Quick disturbance compensation and stable control, ensuring consistent operation.
  • Offering flexibility, durability, and accuracy through advanced control technologies and high-resolution optical encoders.

Broad Application Spectrum

From packaging and handling equipment to automation in woodworking and digital printing, the SIMOTICS S-1FT2 servomotors are versatile enough to enhance efficiency and precision across a wide array of industrial applications. Their compact design, dynamic performance, and adaptability set new standards for operational efficiency and technological advancement in diverse industries. As the demand for innovative solutions grows, Siemens continues to lead with its forward-thinking approach to engineering.

Embrace the future of industrial automation and start your journey to operational excellence now. Contact our Specialists at SE Automation today to explore how the SIMOTICS S-1FT2 servomotors can transform your operations.