Associate Spotlight - Deidre Lange

Meet… Deidre Lange! Deidre is a Payroll Specialist for the Standard Electric family of companies. She works out of our Milwaukee, WI location. Get to know Deidre!

Could you share a brief introduction about yourself, including your role at Standard Electric and how long you’ve been with us?

I am Standard Electric’s Payroll Specialist working in the Accounting department. I’ll be celebrating my 3-year work anniversary in August, but I’ve been processing payroll for 13 years.

What inspired you to pursue a career in your field, and how did your journey lead you to Standard Electric?

I fell into payroll (the story of almost every payroll professional). I originally went to school to be an Accountant. At my previous job I was doing accounting and some payroll until they purchased a new business and there were too many new employees coming onboard, so I was asked to move to all payroll. In the years following I realized I enjoy processing payroll, so much so, that I took and passed the Certified Payroll Professionals exam. My journey to Standard Electric was the stars aligning. The company I was at for 10 years closed their doors and at the same time Megan was looking to add a payroll position to the Accounting department and the rest is history.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Each day is a bit different, but my main objective is to make sure all associates get paid accurately and timely. This includes reviewing timecards, double checking calculations and data entry, collaborating with associates, managers, and our payroll software to resolve any issues that may arise.

What do you love most about your job at Standard Electric? Is there a particular project or achievement that you’re especially proud of?

I love our associates! Everyone is always willing to share their knowledge and expertise. The project I’m most proud of is getting our time off policies updated to the new module. My first two years here, the time off policies didn’t seem to work the way they were intended and time off balances in the new year got a bit messy. Getting the new policies set up and applied was a project, but from everything I’ve seen and tested, going forward the policies should run smoothly (my fingers are crossed and I’m knocking on wood)!

How would you describe the culture at Standard Electric? What makes it unique or special to you?

Standard Electric makes you feel valued and respected! I was used to working where everything had to follow a strict flow of who to ask and when and to mostly stay in your lane. Now, I have the freedom to ask my questions to anyone that knows that answer. And with our new associate orientation, I got to learn a bit about each department and their role in the company. It makes you feel like you are part of the whole process and company.

Working with a team often brings diverse perspectives. Can you share an example of how teamwork has led to success in a project or initiative at Standard Electric?

At Standard Electric, teamwork is vital in ensuring payroll success. Real-time solutions are often needed for unexpected issues, and our collective expertise ensures smooth payroll processing, even on challenging days.

Moving beyond work, what do you like to do in your free time? Any hobbies or passions you’re willing to share?

In my free time you’ll find me taking my 3-year-old rescue dog Cal on hiking adventures or knitting/crocheting something. I currently have 2 projects going and a stack of new patterns I can’t wait to start, as soon as I find the right yarn. If any of that gets boring, I have an endless list of home improvement projects that keep me busy too.

Do you have any skills or talents that most people at work might not know about? How do these contribute to your personal or professional life?

My first dog, Malik, was a certified therapy dog. Before training him and going to nursing homes, I was very introverted. Speaking to a group or meeting new people was anxiety triggering for me. Having Malik be the center of attention made talking with residents a lot easier. At our peak, we were traveling to different nursing homes 4 times a week and I quickly forgot about my anxiety as I watched Malik bring joy to the residents. He’s the reason I was able to teach (anxiety-less) the study group for the Greater Milwaukee Payroll Org chapter for the payroll certification exam.

As you look to the future with Standard Electric, what are you most excited about or looking forward to in your role or the company’s direction?

I’m excited about Standard Electric’s commitment to growth and innovation. While I’m more in the background, making sure everyone is paid, I enjoy hearing about the new opportunities when they happen.