Technical Solutions Team

We Are Here 24/7

Since the 1940s, Standard Electric has featured both sales and engineering professionals as an essential part of our organization. The Engineered Products Divisions (EPD) was officially formed in 1992 when Standard Electric added several engineers to our staff to assist in determining the right solutions for our customers. Today, that team is now known as our Technical Solutions Team.

As part of our mission to distinguish ourselves through our strong technical capabilities and deep product knowledge, we introduced a 24-hour emergency service hotline at the same time. If you need assistance day or night, weekday, or weekend we have a member of our engineering team on staff to assist you with technical or part-related issues.

Our Expert Technical Support Team Is Here to Help You

With a broad spectrum of experience, Standard Electric Supply Co.’s team of over 30 engineers offers an educated and strategic approach to solutions. With an average professional experience of over twenty years, our engineering team boasts a seasoned exposure to a wide range of industrial products and applications.

Our Engineers Are Extensively Trained and Cross Trained In:

  • Control products
  • Field bus connectivity
  • Human machine interface (HMIs)
  • Drives
  • PLCs
  • Motor control centers
  • Software packages
  • Switchgear
  • Sensing devices
  • Machine and plant safety products
  • RF Communications

How to Contact Us

Whether you’re facing an unexpected challenge or need expert advice, the SE Automation 24/7 Technical Support Team is here to ensure your operations run smoothly around the clock. Our 24-Hour Emergency Hotline is always open: 1-800-318-4618. For more information, visit our website at, or email us at