The SINAMICS S200 servo drive system is a single axis AC/AC servo drive system with compact design, high dynamic performance, ease of use and high reliability for motion control applications in standard servo motion market. It comprises SINAMICS S200 servo converters, SIMOTICS S‑1FL2 servomotors, MOTION-CONNECT 350 and 380 connection systems and engineering tools.

System components:


SINAMICS S200 servo converters

The SINAMICS S200 servo converters consist of a basic version and a standard version with pulse train input position control (PTI) or PROFINET RT/IRT (PN) to meet various needs of applications and work perfectly together with SIMATIC controllers.

  • SINAMICS S200 Basic servo converters, power range 0.1 to 1 kW at 200 … 240 V 1 AC / 3 AC
  • SINAMICS S200 servo converters, power range 0.1 to 1 kW at 200 … 240 V 1 AC / 3 AC and 0.2 to 7 kW at380 … 480 V 3 AC
SIMOTICS S1FL2 servomotors

With flexible encoder options, including absolute encoder17‑bit single turn, 21‑bit single turn and 21‑bit single turn + 12‑bit multi turn, the system provides precise and accurate performance. The encoders can be used without a battery, making it easy to operate and maintain.

  • Low Inertia for high dynamic performance
  • Medium Inertia for dynamic and smooth operational performance
  • High Inertia for smooth operational performance
MOTIONCONNECT 350 and 380 connection systems

The cables are available in lengths of up to 30 m and one step further optimized in easy and secure installation with “one-push-lock” motor connecting solution for motor shaft heights 20, 30 and 40.

  • MOTION‑CONNECT 350 standard bending cable s, which provide a connection solution for fixed installation applications
  • MOTION‑CONNECT 380 high flexible bending cable s, which provide a connection solution for drag chain installation applications that require high cable flexibility


Performance‑optimized:   Ideal for dynamic applications thanks to fast current control:
  • 5 μs response time for the Pulse Train Input version (PTI)
  • 125 μs response time for the PROFINET version (PN)
  • 8 kHz PWM frequency
Fast:  The system enables seamless communication to controllers via PROFINET IRT, providing fast and efficient data exchange and control.

Overload capacity:  SIMOTICS S‑1FL2 servomotors providing up to 350 % overload capacity, can handle sudden increases in load without compromising performance or efficiency, ensuring uninterrupted operation and increased productivity.

Compact: To enable more efficient use of cabinet space and improve application system design, both servo converters and servomotors are further optimized in compactness thanks to their high power density. More important, for side-by-side installation, SINAMICS S200servo converters require only 1 mm for 200 V series and 10 mm for 400 V series.

Easy to use:

Easy setup:  All frame sizes of SINAMICS S200 servo converters have an integrated holding brake control to dissipate the regenerative power for fast braking, which is easy and cost effective for applications.

Easy engineering: Directly integrated into SINAMICS Start drive, and the embedded SINAMICS web server for SINAMICS S200, a variety of user-friendly features make the servo drive system easy for engineering. Additionally, advanced One Button Tuning (OBT) enables machines to achieve a high dynamic performance within just seconds.

Easy implementation: The system is designed to meet global standards and certifications, including CE, UKCA, UL, RCM, EAC, KC and SEMI47,ensuring compliance with safety and quality regulations worldwide.

Fit for future

Digital engineering journey: Unlock potential with a seamless digital engineering journey, from selection and commissioning to diagnosis via TIA Selection Tool, Siemens Product Configurator and TIA Portal. More important, SINAMICS S200 servo drive system can be simulated with SINAMICS Drive Sim Basic.

Scalable system: As a scalable system, users can get a seamless integrated motion control system together with SIMATIC controllers (e.g. SIMATICS S7‑1500).

Safety & Security: The system includes a safety concept that features Safety Integrated Basic Function Safe Torque Off (STO), ensuring safe and reliable operation. You achieve in depth defense thanks to User Management and Access Control (UMAC) providing always active industrial security service.

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