SE Automation and Siemens are excited to offer the SIMATIC HMI Unified Basic Panels. Leading the way through innovation, Unified Basic Panels offer increased performance and system limits.

The HMI Unified Basic Panels are optimized for user-friendliness through multi-touch gestures. Moveable Zoom Range is available for details in curve display, web control, and document display. Users also have the option to scroll in lists, e.g. notification displays, text lists, and documents. These options are also available with multi-touch (2 hand) operations. Other key features that reflect user-friendliness can be seen within the design and application.







Design and ease of use:

  • Static and dynamic SVG graphics
  • Extended functionality of controls
  • Image Window Technology
  • Dynamization of objects

Intuitive operations for industrial application:

  • Modern design with new robust, tempered glass front
  • Operation with a glove (UVEX approved gloves)
  • Glass front with anti-reflective layer for brilliant display and good legibility
  • Detection of operating errors, e.g. back of the hand
  • High electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

HMI Unified Basic Panels also offer connectivity through JavaScript scripting, 1 Ethernet port, and 2 x USB 2.0.  These panels are ready to make things more efficient and more effective! Contact SEA today to learn more about the SIMATIC HMI Unified Basic Panels.

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