Coming Soon: SE Automation (SEA) and Siemens are pleased to introduce the new SINAMICS G220:  a high-performance frequency converter for greater efficiency, easier engineering, and faster commissioning. This powerful converter has not been released yet, but you can always Contact SEA to learn more!

SINAMICS G220 is an innovative multi-purpose adjustable speed drive with built-in Clean Power technology, reducing harmonics by up to 97% without the need for an AC line reactor or DC choke. SINAMICS G220 is significantly more efficient in terms of space utilization and operation. SINAMICS G220 makes system engineering and its integration into a production or processing machine much easier.

SINAMICS G220 is also the first drive to join the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, the Siemens-wide business platform for digital transformation. SINAMICS G220 drives are an integral part of the TIA Portal. In the area of cybersecurity, SINAMICS G220 comes standard with state-of-the-art security integrated, providing highly secure communication, integrity and authenticity checks to protect against tampered firmware. Additionally, the drives offer User Management and Access Control (UMAC) within TIA Portal.

SINAMICS G220 drives come with a range of modular and flexible hardware options as well as software and Safety Integrated functions, which can be easily adapted to user-specific application requirements. For example, the SINAMICS G220 is also available in UL Type 12 (IP55) wall-mount design.  A special conformal coating option is also available for the operation of a drive in the harsh environments where the presence of corrosive gases such as Hydrogen Sulfide, Sulfur Dioxide or Ammonia is unavoidable. Thanks to the superior quality of its components and robust hardware design according to UL 61800-5-1, the drive is built to ensure a long service life.

When it comes to integrated safety, SINAMICS G220 reaches the next level by meeting hardware based SIL 3 functional safety requirements. Thanks to its built-in media and S2 system redundancy, maximum system availability is guaranteed, and the continuity of critical processes are maintained.

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