The PG M6 comes with an elegant, robust enclosure made of light-weight stable injection-molded magnesium with rubber-protected corners and retractable carry-handle. It can optimally be used both for engineering in the office and for the commissioning, service, or maintenance of automation systems. It now comes with the latest version of TIA Portal software (V18). The PG M6 boasts an industrial notebook with all commonly used interfaces for industrial applications. You will never have to worry about any set up, because the PG M6 can be used immediately thanks to pre-installed SIMATIC engineering software. The SIMATIC Field PG M6 is the optimal tool for automation engineering, and an ideal platform for the SIMATIC engineering software. The PG M6 is a mobile, industry-standard programming device for automation engineers with a powerful, eighth-generation Intel® Core™ i processor and high-speed RAM.

What’s New

TIA Portal V18 software is now available on our SIMATIC PG M6, Edition 2023. Sure, you can most certainly run our TIA Portal software on an office PC or generic industrial PC, but there are several advantages to using our SIMATIC M6 PG. It’s far more than just another laptop.

  • Software is pre-installed, ready to run!
  • Built for an industrial environment
  • Flexible connections with integrated interfaces
  • Direct SIMATIC Memory Card programming
  • Support for external monitors and keyboards
  • State of the art performance, optimized for TIA Portal
  • Easy lifecycle maintenance with long-term availability of the image, product, and spares
  • SIMATIC industrial quality, system tested, reliable, true global service and support


SIMATIC Field PG M6 is based on the latest Intel Coffee Lake processor technology. It is equipped with up to 32 GB of high-speed DDR4 work memory and with an SSD that is up to 1 TB in size. The 2.5″ hard disk can also be easily replaced from the side. Integrated wireless and Bluetooth technology and a non-reflective, high-resolution 15.6″ display allow optimal working conditions in the machine and plan-related environment. In addition, the programming device has all the standard industrial and SIMATIC interfaces. Thus, it has two Gigabit Ethernet, a PROFIBUS DP/MPI and a serial interface “on board”. SIMATIC memory cards are also universally supported. Thanks to the retractable carry-handle, the programming device can always be safely transported anywhere. The robust, completely shielded injection-molded magnesium enclosure also provides protection against vibration and electrical radiation.


The programming device, which is optimized for engineering with TIA Portal, is delivered with pre-installed SIMATIC engineering software STEP 7 and WinCC for configuring PLCs and HMI. With the SIMATIC Field PG M6, you thus receive a turnkey device for mobile use during configuration, commissioning, service, or maintenance. The integrated Intel® Active Management Technology (iAMT) permits remote access to the SIMATIC Field PG via Standard Ethernet. Remote control of the SIMATIC Field PG, e.g., for restoration, upgrades, diagnostics, and troubleshooting, is thus possible and very easy. The Microsoft BitLocker functionality is supported by the integrated Trusted Platform Module TPM 2.0 and thus offers access and operating system protection as well as secure data encryption.

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