SE Automation and Siemens are offering the newest version of the TIA Portal V18 that boosts engineering efficiency and offers optimized functionalities for multi-user engineering. This means that users can now work in teams and in parallel on projects and build and manage shared libraries. Access rights can be assigned either individually or group-specifically, which makes collaboration more flexible. 

The scope for TIA Portal and SIMATIC controllers has also been further extended. The SIMATIC S7-1500 and the SIMATIC ET 200SP now provide a higher computing and communication performance and support R1 redundancy. This ensures the maximum availability of applications and helps solve future automation challenges. The R1 redundancy can be easily and flexibly integrated into existing networks with no programming effort. This makes it one of the simplest solutions on the market that can be used in a wide variety of industries; in factory automation as well as in logistics and infrastructure, where R1 redundancy is especially relevant for large infrastructure projects. The new hardware also supports the latest security standards, and so the Version 18 of the TIA Portal will again place a strong focus on state-of-the-art security.

Features & Benefits:

  • Higher engineering efficiency
  • More functionalities for team collaboration
  • IT/OT integration & extension with IT-oriented approach of Simatic Automation Xpansion (Simatic AX)
  • Advanced engineering of kinematics (5D/6D)
  • Maximum availability in through R1 redundancy

Since motion applications in automation are becoming increasingly complex, the new version of the TIA Portal also offers simple and holistic engineering of 5D/6D kinematics. In other words, motion control functions up to six interpolating axes. Complex kinematics like robots can now be easily integrated into industrial processes in the TIA Portal. This allows companies to easily expand, convert, or modify their production facilities without interfering with running systems.

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