SE Automation and Siemens are offering the SINAMICS DCP 250kW Converter. This converter is expanding the power spectrum and voltage range of the proven SINAMICS drive family with bidirectional DC-DC converters.  The new SINAMICS DCP 250 kW has a rated output of 250 kW at 1000V DC, and it is ready for immediate use without the need for additional engineering.  A power extension can also be easily implemented by connecting several SINAMICS DCPs in parallel. 

Since it is a compact device, chokes, power electronics, and control units are installed in the device.  Additionally, it has an energy efficiency of >98%. With a continuous operating voltage of up to 1200V DC, requirements for test benches in automotive technology can be covered and offers the optimal basis for the realization of test stands for electric vehicles.

Features & Benefits:

  • Buck & boost functionality on both sides of the device; 2 different functions combined in 1 device
  • Small current ripple due to high switching frequency
  • Temperature controlled fans
  • High efficiency up to 98.6%
  • Expandable to complete systems through S120 product portfolio

Today’s industrial complexes must focus on achieving maximum productivity, energy efficiency, and component reliability, as power grids are becoming increasingly volatile.  Due to its functionality and compact design, the SINAMICS DCP is suitable for several applications. DC-DC converters make it possible to integrate storage systems into the drive line-up.  Regenerative energy can be stored temporarily, used for the process as required, or supplied to the drive line-up in the event of peak load requirements or failures.

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