SE Automation and Siemens would like to introduce you to Siemen’s line of Programmable Logic Controllers. Programmable logic controllers (“PLCs”) are commonly used throughout the industrial control and automation industries. Siemen’s series of PLCs offer integrated safety along the entire production line and offer both wired and wireless functionality, providing consistent communication. PLCs by Siemens are cost-effective, offering dependable safety you can trust.

Siemens knows that when it comes to protecting and monitoring your production, “more expensive” doesn’t necessarily mean better. The SIMATIC S7-1500 offers enhanced functionality and protection.  These PLCs are used in all areas of production automation, demonstrating incredible functionality in middle to high-end machines. The SIMATIC S7-1200 Controllers offer identical protection without the price and fuss of extra hardware.

Siemens PLCs are highly functional, offering both wired and wireless support for their devices. Through multiple points of communication Siemen’s PLCs can offer protection across the entire production line. Process signals, as well as safe signals, can be recorded in a central location or remotely using PROFINET.

Siemen’s advantage over other manufacturers comes from their ability to integrate safety along not just one piece of the production line, but the entire line itself.  The PLC’s compact design is particularly suitable for series machine manufacturing and offers excellent safety within a limited space.

Siemen’s portfolio of PLCs is user-friendly, offering safety across the entire PLC line. The PLC’s compact design and ease of installation allow you to protect your production without emptying your wallet. From HMI’s to drives, Siemen’s umbrella of protection has you covered.

Features and Benefits:

  • Supports up to three ethernet ports
  • Wireless support through PROFINET
  • Compact in unit design eliminates complicated set-up
  • Safety monitoring across the entire line

To learn more about the Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers, click the link below and our Technical Solutions Team will be in touch.

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