SE Automation and Siemens are offering the latest innovation in communication technology, the Scalance MUM856-1 5G Industrial Router.  The Siemens Router is an IP65-rated wireless router that supports 5G for both public and private networks, and its usage can propel many applications in all industries.  The IP65 router can be accessed remotely using only a public 5G network.  This solution is ideal if you are seeking a secure remote maintenance solution or would like to connect your factory floor with maximum bandwidths for data-intensive applications. The new Scalance MUM856-1 supports 4G so operation is possible even if a 5G mobile network is not available. This device can be integrated with private local 5G campus networks.  The Siemens 5G wireless router, which also supports existing 3G and 4G (LTE) standards, can be configured with the Siemens’ Sinema Remote Connect VPN management platform.

Features & Benefits:

  • Zero wires
  • One unit
  • Communication framework
  • Massive/comprehensive connections
  • Secure remote access via public 5G network

The Scalance MUM856-1 5G is the “smart engine” that enables secure, reliable, and remote connectivity. Smart manufacturing, automated logistics, transparent supply chains, and maintenance over the cloud are valued features that others cannot compete with. While all 5G features are not available today in the Industrial Router, the “roadmap” has been set and supports easy and secure remote access use cases that have a far-reaching impact on how people live, work, and play all over the world.

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