It used to be that the only platform supporting both safety and redundancy in one processer was the S7-400. That all changes with the release of the 1518HF-4 PN. Introduced to the market along with TIA Portal Version V17, the CPU 1518HF-4 PN is suitable for applications placing highest demands on availability, program scope and processing speed, which at the same time require functional safety up to SIL 3.

Like any other S7-1500 failsafe controller, the CPU 1518HF-4 PN can be operated without a safety program for standard applications, and it can be programmed with STEP 7 and STEP 7 Safety TIA Portal Version 17 and higher.

Want to know the specs for the CPU 1518HF-4 PN? They include:

  • CPU with display
  • 9 MB Code RAM and 60 MB data
  • PROFINET IO controller
  • Integrated PROFINET IO interface with 2 ports for ring structure and 2 PROFINET interfaces for Ethernet and PROFINET basic services with separate IP address (4 ports in total)
  • Two slots for synchronization modules
  • Integrated system diagnostics
  • 5-level protection concept
  • Width: 210 mm

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