The quality of your power supply units alone won’t guarantee a fault-free, 24-volt power supply. Power failures, extreme variations in the mains voltage or a faulty load can cause plant operations to come to a halt and cost both time and money.

To prevent these losses, it’s critical that you use additional protection measures, such as the SITOP add-on modules. These modules were designed to protect production lines from a variety of potential hazards on the primary and secondary sides. In addition, they allow for completely flexible expansion of SITOP power supply units up to total, all-around protection.

The newest addition to the SITOP add-on modules is the buffer module (item #6EP42317HB000AX0). This module helps bridge short-duration voltage dips thanks to electrolytic capacitors, reliably preserving interruption-free operation. It can also support the power supply unit when the power demand temporarily increases.

Power failures usually only last a fraction of a second – but the buffer modules help bridge failures up to the second range. The buffer module ensures buffer time depending on the load current:

  • 5 A load current: 2 400 ms
  • 10 A load current: 1 200 ms
  • 20 A load current: 600 ms
  • 40 A load current: 300 ms

The buffer time can also be increased by connecting up to five modules in parallel. It’s also easy to install, thanks to only two lines connecting the buffer module to the power supply unit.

To learn more about the buffer module and the additional SITOP add-on modules, visit the Siemens website.