Are you using variable speed drive systems for industrial pump, fan, or compressor applications? The SINAMICS G120XE is an engineered enclosed variable speed drive system designed specifically for these applications.

The G120XE system was built around the flexible, function-rich and easy to setup and use SINAMICS G120X drive. It is US listed to UL508A and available in NEMA 1 and 12 configurations. The enclosure for the 6-pulse SINAMICS G120X can be wall mounted up to 75 HP and floor standing for 100 HP and up.

Let’s break down the details:

  • The SCCR (short circuit current rating) is 65 kA
  • The drive can be operated with either light or high overload duties
  • The circuit breaker disconnect comes with a flange mount operator and a mechanical door interlock
  • An Intelligent operator panel is door mounted and wired
  • Cable entry is available at the top or bottom on both line and motor side

For more information, download the tech specs.