In 2021, Siemens won the Engineers Choice Awards for Network Integration – I/O Systems with the Simatic IOT 2050 gateway. The SIMATIC IOT2050 is a smart gateway for Industrial Edge and cloud connections – but what makes it award-winning?

Whether you’re working in a new or existing facility, the SIMATIC IOT2050 will easily and cost-effectively open the way to digital dimensions.

The smart IoT gateway analyzes and processes your machine and plant data right where it’s generated: in your production facility. You’ll be able to complete rapid, immediate, plant-wide data analysis on-site. An added benefit? The volume of data you’ll need to transmit to the cloud is substantially reduced so you can make optimal use of your bandwidth.

It also ensures that you have the smart interconnectivity that is essential to IIoT. The smart IoT gateway aligns your in-company IT, production, and cloud, and combines data from a wide range of sources. Equipped with the SIMATIC Industrial OS operating system based on Debian Linux, SIMATIC IOT2050 processes and transmits your data directly to the production environment via industrial IT solutions.

The smart IoT also ensures that you benefit from maximum performance thanks to:

  • Powerful Texas Instruments ARM processors
  • 2GB DDR4-RAM memory
  • Many interfaces, including an mPCle port for wireless cards, Gbit LAN and two USB ports, and one serial and one Arduino port

In addition, the gateway is setup for both data transmission and data aggregation and has the ability to convert a range of communication protocols, and pre-processing in high-level languages such as Java, C++, Arduino IDE and Eclipse.

Are you operating on an older, existing system? Have no fear – the smart IoT gateway is ideally suited for retrofitting and can make existing plant and machines IIoT-capable easily and cost-efficiently. Should you need assistance upgrading the IIoT infrastructure in your facility, reach out to a member of the SEA team – we’re here to help!