The PN/MF Coupler V 5.0 allows users easy data exchange between two controllers.  This can be either be done over PROFINET to PROFINET or PROFINET to EtherNet/IP protocols.   

Compared to a programmed communication between two controllers, the PN/MF Coupler allows for:

  • Simple configuration using I/O data modules, regardless of whether via PROFINET or EtherNet/IP protocol
  • Large configuration limits
  • Almost delay-free coupling of data between the subnets and thus deterministic data exchange because it is an I/O communication
  • Complete network separation => no influence on neighboring subnet through fault states
  • Diagnostics of fault states of own and neighboring subnet
  • Redundant power supply if needed.

How does it work?

Through the configured inputs of a slot, the local CPU or EtherNet/IP scanner reads the values that the CPU of the other subnet writes over the configured outputs of the coupling partner. The local CPU or EtherNet/IP scanner writes values via the configured outputs of a slot. These values are received by the CPU of the other subnet via the configured inputs of the coupling partner.  In simple terms, the data looks exactly like I/O to each of the partner CPUs.

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