The electronic SIRIUS ACT ID key-operated switches have proven their high flexibility compared to conventional solutions for years. The unique key IDs allow users to correctly assign authorizations, increasing security for your production facility. But the benefits don’t end there. The ID key-operated switches include:

  • Individual authorization management for groups or individuals
  • Unambiguous identification of users
  • Increased plant safety
  • Degree of protection IP65
  • Different colored RFID keys for each authorization level
  • Unrestricted selection and combination of authorization levels, freely programmable for individual special locks via IO-Link
  • Easy integration into plant via TIA Portal (Port Configuration Tool)
  • Highly flexible authorization assignment

Not sure where to start? Sounds like you need a Starter Kit!

There are two available starter kits that include:

  • SIRIUS ACT components, ID key operated switch including an ID key
  • Label holder with 4 labels
  • Partially insulated SIRIUS screwdriver
  • IO-Link electronic module (preprogrammed or freely programmable)

Starter Kit 1 includes an I/O link module with four preprogrammed authorization levels, while Starter Kit 2 can be customized to your specific application requirements.

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