Upgrade Your Communication Opportunities When You Upgrade Your Firmware

ET 200SPSiemens new V5.0.3 firmware release maximizes the communication potential for the ET 200SP. By upgrading, customers can now use this MultiFieldbus Interface Module to connect controllers using PROFINET and EtherNet/IP.

Prior to the release, applications were limited to Modbus TCP connections. These new fieldbus protocols open the door for end users who occasionally use other EtherNet-based I/O systems in addition to PROFINET.

Using the MultiFieldbus Configuration Tool, engineers can easily implement the ET 200SP Station:

  1. Configure station (configuration and parameter assignment, comparable with TIA Portal HW Config).
  2. Transfer project to device (MF-IM).
  3. Configure device in the engineering system of the Modbus TCP controller (addressing). The MFCT provides the files required

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