Technical Solutions Team

Our Mission is Your Future

The Technical Solutions Team at Standard Electric Supply Co. began in 1994 with a mission to offer superior technical support and solution-oriented products to our customers. With a broad spectrum of experience, Standard Electric’s team of over 30 engineers offer an educated and strategic approach to solutions. With an average professional experience of over twenty years, our engineering team boasts over 880 years of combined industry experience and a seasoned exposure to a wide range of industrial products and applications, including:

  • Onsite engineering and training services
  • Panel redesign and prototype development
  • Software development and training
  • Offsite panel manufacturing options
  • Enclosure modification
  • Product standardization processes
  • Kitting processes
  • Strategic integrator partners
  • Application capable staff

SE Automation was founded in 2004, joining the Standard Electric family of companies. SE Automation was built to specialize exclusively in Siemens automation products. Along with it, the Technical Solutions Team was expanded and staffed with engineers specializing in Siemens, allowing our customers to experience the same reliable support and custom solutions that the Standard Electric family of companies proudly represents.

SE Automation business specialists and applications engineers are extensively trained and cross-trained in:

  • Industrial Control products
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Programmable Logic Controller’s (PLC)
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
  • Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  • Motors
  • Fieldbus Connectivity
  • Sensing Devices
  • Machine Safety Products
  • Industrial Computers
  • Industrial Networking
  • Wireless Communications

We are uniquely positioned to offer ways to decrease transaction costs, including an information system designed to provide rapid responses to requests, an eCommerce platform, kitting capabilities, bar coded packing lists and shipping labels, EDI, training programs and much more.

We are proud to say that our commitment to quality and integrity is unparalleled within our industry, as well as our willingness to listen to your concerns and meet your requirements.

Get to know our Technical Solutions Team specialists and learn more about what we can do for you! Download our SEA Support Card or contact an SE Automation specialist today!