SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panels Hygienic comprise six different devices with different display sizes. All devices come with the same number of hardware interfaces and the same functionality – just select the perfect device for your needs based on the screen size. Each Unified Comfort Panel Hygienic is available in a standard design with Siemens and SIMATIC HMI branding and a stainless steel frame.

All Unified Comfort Panels Hygienic possess integrated Edge functionality. SIMATIC WinCC Unified includes visualization, communication, alarms/messages, report generation, parameter set management, archiving, and user management. Also included are a WinCC Unified Client Operate (V17 or higher) for remote operator control and monitoring, and a WinCC Unified Client Monitor (V18 or higher) for monitoring only. Additional clients can be enabled with a license. In total, up to three client licenses can be used. Client access is based on native web technologies such as HTML5, SVG and JavaScript. The visualization can be accessed via any modern web browser – without the need for additional installation.

Industrial Edge can be used in two different ways:

  • Device-managed Edge
  • Centrally managed Edge (planned)

SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panels Hygienic can also be ordered with a neutral design.

Key Benefits of the Unified Hygienic Panels:

  • Hygienic design
    The Unified Comfort Panels Hygienic are characterized by a splinter protection foil. The device design was developed considering the EHEDG “Guidelines”. The FDA-compliant development was tested and confirmed by the Frauenhofer Institute. The devices are designed for harsh rated conditions and meet impact resistance IK10 and IP69 degree of protection, while cleanability has been tested and certified with ECOLAB cleaning agents.
  • Performance
    Improved hardware performance and significantly higher system limits for larger applications.
  • Operation
    Especially rugged multi-touch technology optimized for the specific requirements in industrial environments.
  • Openness
    The new SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panels Hygienic are Edge-enabled. This opens up completely new possibilities, such as functional expansion by using apps and the processing and analysis of data directly at the machine.
  • Industrial Security Integrated
    The proprietary operating system based on SIMATIC Industrial OS offers maximum security. The unneeded interfaces and system apps can be deactivated or uninstalled.
    Despite their open structure and expandability, the Unified Comfort Panels are more secure than ever.

Unified Hygienic Panel Design Specs:

All Unified Comfort Panels come with integrated Edge functionality. Siemens Industrial Edge can be used in two different ways:

Device-managed Edge:

  • Allows the user to expand the standard functionality with apps based on Docker technology. These apps can be managed either on the device itself via web browser or remotely from another PC. The manageability allows the user to easily execute, start, stop and update apps independently from each other. This reduces software maintenance effort and ensures easy ability to update as well as system stability.
  • Device-managed Edge is available by default starting from the delivery release and can be activated on the Control Panel of the Unified Comfort Panel.
  • A license is required for productive use of Device-managed Edge.

Centrally managed Edge (V17 Update 2 or higher)

  • In addition to Device-managed Edge, the Unified Comfort Panel Hygienic can also be managed centrally with the Siemens Industrial Edge Management System. After its onboarding, apps can be managed on the device using the central management system. Each device connected to the centrally managed solution needs to be licensed separately. More information can be found in the device documentation.