SE Automation and Siemens are happy to announce SIMATIC S220 Booksize Smart Line Modules. This evolutionary step from the previous SIMATIC S120 is equipped with a design necessary for upcoming applications and has increased functionality. Two Smart Line Modules will be released in this first phase, with power ranges of 16 kW and 24 kW. Each power range has type C and type D. The C type is preferred for continuous load, and in a continuous motion, can hold up to 200% overload. The D type is optimized for quick, repeatable action cycles that, in a discontinuous motion, can hold up to 300% overload.

Features and Benefits:

  • Integration of the new connector into the gap in the front area of the SLM
  • Improved strain relief and shielding
  • Additional space for cable connections
  • ­­High overload capacity
  • Broad portfolio of design services

With the new, more optimal, location of the motor cable connection, applications are much more compact.  The new design includes safety, improved shielding, strain relief connections, and increased overload capacity.  It’s time to add SIMATIC S220 to your bag of tricks.

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