SE Automation would like to inform you that Siemens is phasing out the following components:  SIMATIC S7-300 system and ET 200M I/O system.

Product cancellation/phase-out schedule:

  1. Milestone PM400:  October 1, 2023
  2. Discontinuation PM140:  October 1, 2025

Functional replacements that will still be available consist of:

  • S7-1500 system
  • SIMATIC ET 200MP (Factory Automation) I/O system
  • SIMATIC S7-400
  • SIMATIC ET 200SP HA I/O (Process Automation) systems

Explanation of milestones during phase-out phase:

Announcement of product phase-out (PM400)

Components up to PM400 are available as new parts without restrictions. However, once PM400 is reached, the components are removed from active marketing, meaning they are no longer listed in the catalog. 

Type discontinuation (PM410)

Until the PM410 milestone is reached, the components are still available as new parts. Afterwards, they will only be available as spare parts or can be returned for repair.

Discontinuation (PM490)

Components from PM490 can no longer be ordered. From milestone PM490 onwards, only warranty cases will be handled. Replacement and repair will only be carried out within the scope of liability for defects.

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