Modest dimensions combined with a substantial product range: These are the supposedly contradictory elements that make the SIMATIC ET 200SP distributed I/O system so attractive.

The IO system fulfills the requirements of IP20 degree of protection and is designed for installation in a control cabinet. The station configuration is remarkably simple. Despite some modules exhibiting a width of only 20 mm, the push-in terminals permit effortless wiring. The new arrangement of the spring releases also allows effortless detachment of the connections. And in the event that a complete module requires replacing, this can also be achieved during ongoing operation as the ET 200SP facilitates hot swapping. Consequently, several modules can also be removed and replaced simultaneously. Only these modules are rendered ineffective during replacement rather than the entire station.

The product range for the ET 200SP is likewise highly impressive, enabling a multitude of application possibilities for this IO system. This begins with the ET 200 CPUs, covering the medium performance range and featuring the same functionality as the corresponding CPUs from the SIMATIC S7-1500 series. Safety-related communication may also be established as required, for example, with diverse safety modules and of course the respective CPUs for use up to SIL 3.

Motor starters in the bit-modular design are also included in the ET 200 range. These provide reliable protection for 1-phase and 3-phase motors up to 5.5 kW against overload and short-circuit. They are available as both standard and safety versions and are a perfect fit for the streamlined structural concept of the ET 200SP IO system with an extremely compact installation width of only 30 mm. If a lighting control is to be installed in an automation concept, on the other hand, a special DALI module is recommended which can be integrated in an ET 200SP station and can actuate up to 64 lamps. But that’s not all: If a weighing application is to be featured in your plant, a space-saving, high-precision SIWAREX WP351 module is also available for precisely this purpose. Bearing in mind that the requirements of the energy management in a plant are now becoming a major topic throughout today’s production environment, you can be no better prepared than with the SIMATIC ET 200SP: The AI Energy Meter is designed for use at the machine level. This enables the user to configure the data required for his application from more than 200 different electrical measured and energy values, thus acquiring transparency of the energy requirement for individual components of his production plant. Consumption forecasts can then be compiled from these measured values and the efficiency determined in order to derive conclusions for load management and servicing.

SIMATIC ET 200SP will, therefore, fulfill every possible requirement. A remarkable system concept has ensured that the range of ET 200SP system components has undergone continuous refinement and expansion over the years, thus opening up numerous application possibilities in the most diverse industrial sectors.

Features ET 200SP

  • Extremely compact dimensions and expandability of the station with up to 64 modules
  • Extensive module range (including Safety, motor starters, energy meters, DALI, etc.)
  • Module replacement during operation
  • Channel-precise diagnostic functions
  • High-sped communication over PROFINET and isochronous backplane bus
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