Cut down on high costs due to plant downtimes and ensure reliable operations with the active backplane bus for the I/O modules of the SIMATIC S7-1500 for operation with ET 200MP and PROFINET.

An active backplane bus is now available for the I/O modules of the SIMATIC S7-1500 for operation with the ET 200MP and PROFINET. In addition to the reaction-free plugging and unplugging of I/O modules during operation, the bus also allows reserves to be maintained for later use.backplane
How it benefits:

  • Increased system availability due to reaction-free plugging and unplugging of I/O modules during operation; if one or more I/O modules are replaced, the system remains in RUN
  • Keeping reserves (= gaps in the system configuration) ready for later use

Typical applications

The active backplane bus is used in all applications in which high demands are placed on the availability of the plant and even short plant downtimes would result in high costs. Typical application areas are, for example:

  • shippingLogistics facilities, such as high-bay warehouses, baggage conveyor systems at airports or letter and parcel sorting facilities in postal logistics, where an interruption in the “just-in-time” chain leads to high follow-up costs.
  • Infrastructure systems, such as lighting and signal control in tunnels, water/wastewater treatment in sewage treatment plants or power plants, which must remain reliably in operation around the clock.
  • Continuous processes that must not be interrupted due to process control. Examples are wafer production in the semiconductor industry, the manufacture of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry or reactions in the chemical industry.
  • Plants that are difficult to access due to their geographical location and which, if a single I/O module fails, must continue to run for a long period of time (a few days) before a service technician can come to the site and rectify the fault. This includes offshore facilities in oil production or wind power plants, for example, as well as compressor plants along gas pipelines.

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