Siemens’ DALI-2 Multimaster Module CM 1xDALI


P_ST70_XX_08498iIt’s never been easier to control, diagnose, or parameter assign luminaries and sensors until now. With Siemens’ DALI-2 multimaster module, you can monitor up to 64 luminaries and 63 sensors through a 2-wire bus line. Its compatibility with LED modules, fluorescent lamps, discharge lamps, low-voltage halogen lamps, and more makes the DALI-2 an increasingly popular module in modern lighting applications.

Benefits and Features:

  • Easy wiring with 2-wire line
  • LED display for errors, operation, and supply voltage
  • Configuration of up to 64 luminaries and 63 sensors


  • Tunnel lighting
  • Hallway lighting
  • Ship lighting

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